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Wundr Media is a subsidiary of Wundr Productions that specializes in feature films, documentaries, docuseries, and short films. Editing, creating, pre-production, production, and post-production are all handled by talented team members. Wundr Media creates educative, entertaining, and even provocative tales.

Wundr Productions began as a modest social media video firm that created ads for smaller brands in 2017. Within a year, Wundr Productions morphed into Wundr Media, a film production company. Then there's Kona Cam, which focuses on commercial and marketing videos.

We'd love to see your project, and if we can lend our expertise to help you make it a reality and a success, let's collaborate.


Discovering the roots of a culture the world thinks it knows. The entire world is aware of Tahiti. Black and white sand beaches, overwater cottages the world's premier honeymoon location. However, very few people are aware of the flourishing culture that colonization and religion almost completely destroyed.

The Tahitian people lost their language, history, and culture. How, therefore, did the culture endure throughout these trying times. The Tahitians were steadfast in their efforts to revive their culture via dancing. They can sing in Tahitian and do musical acts through dancing.

A tour with some of Tahiti's cultural experts and well-known figures can enhance the education and entertainment of a lifetime of history through dance. With Celebrity Narrator Erika Alexander, we are excited to navigate this journey for all of our ecstatic viewers.


Beyond the Grass Skirt - Docu Series

Discovering the roots of a culture, the world think's it knows. Diving deep into various aspects of the Tahitian culture, this docu series will educate and entertain the masses on deep cultural backgrounds of Tahiti.

Surfboards, Sunrises & Sunsets

Discovering the roots of a culture, the world think's it knows. Diving deep into various aspects of the Tahitian culture, this docu series will educate and entertain the masses on deep cultural backgrounds of Tahiti.


A unique friendship builds between a Client and a Manager. The client is a roughneck athletic striving for perfection. The manager is an open minded man married to his husband and raising their two kids. A relationship builds up between the two that could either destroy each of their lives, or make it better. What do they choose?

Mary & Bright

Mary and Brighton have been best friends since kindergarten. Now, one is straight-laced NCIS agent, the other is a glamorous drag queen. Together they cope with the past in the days leading up to their high school reunion during Christmas.

Hiraeth - Drama Series

Rescued from dire situations by the Hiraeth organization, five women are trained in combat and martial arts with supernatural abilities. Placed around the world to stop threats and protect the peace and beliefs determined by their leaders.

Cumulative Business Investments and Profits


Investing in movies can pay you handsomely - the benefits extend beyond ticket purchases. Sales of DVDs, Blu-Ray DVDs, and audio cassettes, as well as VOD subscription sales, arrangements with streaming services, and merchandising sales, can all contribute to movie revenue, and they will almost certainly do so during the entire cycle.

Furthermore, investing in the film industry entails engaging in a creative endeavor. Whether you're investing in an independent film or a Hollywood blockbuster, this can be aesthetically gratifying. Making a movie investment entails both assisting artists in their creative endeavors and seeking a return on investment.

Supporting a film project while also looking for a return on investment might be a win-win situation. For the previously experienced investor, it can be a tough but rewarding trip as well as a way of portfolio diversification. Since the beginning of cinema, film investing has been a tried and true means of investment.

However, before you begin investing in movies, you should be aware that it is quite risky and that you could lose money. Filming is rarely worthwhile when looking solely at the return on investment.

So, before you get into a project, figure out how much money you want to lose. Also, note that return on investment (ROI) does not always imply profit. It could include enthusiasm for projects, financial support for noble artistic endeavors, tax benefits or deductions, and the allure of attending red carpet events, receiving a producer credit, or attending festivals.

Investing in movies is profitable, glamorous, but also costly and hazardous. To ensure the possible success of the projects involved, you must thoroughly study your investment plans and the potential appeal before investing in them.

Christmas lights
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LIGHT IT UP Christmas film festival 2023

  1. Light It Up is looking for movies from all over the world that deal with ‘Christmas’ in any thinkable ways. Unconventional Christmas movies are in focus. All genres and lengths are welcome. The film should be completed after the year 2023. The submission is open from 12/02/2023 to 12/10/2023.

2. There are no entry fees.

3. A fully completed entry form will be available shortly on the lightitupfilmfestival website or submission via Film Freeway is necessary for a valid film entry.

4. Light It Up shows films in these sections:

  • Short Film (up to 30min)
  • Medium Length Film (30min to 60min)
  • Feature Film (from 60min)
  • Horror Movie (Short Films, Medium Length Films or Feature Films)

5. In the Short Film section the audience is voting for their favorite movie. The winner will receive a trophy.

6. Those screening formats are allowed:

  • DCP
  • File (H.264 MP4 or MOV)
  • BluRay / DVD
  • 35mm / 16mm

7. The films will be shown in their original version. Movies in other languages should provide English subtitles. International contributions should have English or subtitles.

8. The participants declare that they have all the necessary rights to screen their submitted movie. They assure that no third parties are infringed by screening their movie. That includes copyrights and performance rights.

9. The Light it Up Festival will be announced Fall of 2022. The festival reserves the right to change the date.

10. Selected films will be notified 11/15/2022. If a film is selected for the program, it may not be withdrawn after 11/20/2022.

11. Selected films will be screened at Light it Up Film Festival once. The winning short film of the audience voting will be shown at the end of the festival for a second time. Light it Up Film Festival is not able to pay screening fees for selected films that have been submitted. Other presentations outside the main festival event require approval of the participants. In this case Light it Up Film Festival will contact the participants.

12. Selected films will be archived by Light it Up Film Festival. This can be revoked by the participants at any time.

13. The participants handle the cost for sending the screening copies to the festival. Light it Up Film Festival covers the cost for returning the screening copies.

14. Free of charge Light it Up Film Festival is allowed to publish basic movie information, film stills, links to trailer and film segments up to 20 seconds for print materials, website, social media channels, festival trailer, TV reports and other analog and digital media. Light it Up Film Festival is allowed to pass on the materials to third parties only the context of public relations.

15. The festival director reserves the right to permit exceptions in special and justified cases.





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